What’s Happening in Israel

What is happening in Israel? A few days ago, it was said on Instagram Live that according to the movement of the planets, it was predicted that the countries with the letters A, N, L and F could be involved in serious events. These countries can undergo serious changes and developments. So what is happening in Israel and Gaza now? What does astrology say about this war? The Moon is in the dramatic sign of Leo. Mars and Pluto are in a war of power and fire. Unfortunately, the moon in Cancer is not easy. The Sun in Libra is at ninety degrees with the Moon in Cancer, and tomorrow Pluto and Mars form a heavy right triangle with the Moon in Cancer.

Achieving balance with others in this situation is not easy at all, and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow will be even heavier. Many of us get delusions and words and feelings are formed in us that are not real and may be reflected in our relationship due to the connection of March and South Nine. Especially since Mercury has just passed in front of Neptune and many of us, based on our past experiences, get involved in thoughts that are very bipolar and pull us in all directions. Although it is not easy, it is better to avoid being in tension.

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What is happening in Israel?

Because the conditions are getting heavier and the peace is less. Egos and superegos show off and it is not easy to tolerate them. But these are illusions of the ego, so don’t take the issue personally and watch how far these tongues of instinct and ego want to rise. Hamas and Israel are clear signs of Mars and Pluto. The Moon in Cancer has entered a challenging zone with Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn.

Moon in Cancer is very sensitive and quick-tempered and deals with any emotional issue, and March in Libra puts it under pressure in relation to others. For example, “So-and-so doesn’t care about me as I should.” I have been wronged, I am ruined. I have not been treated fairly. He does not trust me. My trust has been abused. In short, such fragile feelings come out, and these sensitivities, pains, and collisions lead to impulsive reactions, and the intensity of tension can vary from gossip to fighting.


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Palestine vs Israel

This energy is very powerful and fiery. Don’t consciously get stuck on small issues and don’t make a mountain out of straw because it will get worse. The combination of warrior Mars, powerful Pluto, and the Moon in Cancer can be very fiery and explosive. The possibility of natural and human disasters under these interactions is very high. Undoubtedly, superegos want to control and exert power. October is a very dynamic and fiery month, and the interactions we have now will intensify at the end of the month. Therefore, these challenges should be overcome by controlling the ego and emotions.

During these hours and of course tomorrow and the next three days, be sure to be careful of dangerous energies. Pluto, the god of power, control and ruler of the world of the dead, is currently on retrograde, and its power is intensified in this situation. Pluto plays with the mind and creates obsessions. Release the subjects from the mind and do not rumination because internal repetitions cause external tension.


palestine vs israel

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