temperance - Tarot Card For November

Aries, Taurus, Gemini: Tarot Card For November 2023

My dear friend let’s read together Tarot Card For November 2023 for Aries, Taurus, Gemini.


Aries November Tarot: Temperance

Ability /Control / Harmony and balance / Overcoming addictions / Confidence

Moderation is a card that talks about the balance of many ways and relationships of all kinds. Friendships, family, romantic partnership and trade unions evidently require your attention. It is also a card for alchemy and mixing and matching. You may have to try several approaches to something before you find what is really good for you.


temperance - Tarot Card For November

Tarot Card For November



Taurus November Tarot: Nine of Wands

Concerns / Caution / Defenses / Unstable Dangers / Internal Strength

Most of the Wand combinations are basically very positive cards. However, as you approach the highest cards in the color, they may indicate greater complexity and difficulty. The Nine of Wands indicates anxiety, burden and incorrectness.


nine of wands - Tarot Card

Tarot Card For November

Gemini November Tarot: The Wheel of Fortune

Change / Purpose / Success / Life cycle / New direction

The Wheel of Fortune says that, overall, everything seems to be changing. In most cases, this means positive, necessary changes, but for some people the change itself is very difficult and can be almost traumatic. It is a very spiritual and karmic time. Change is part of the cyclical nature of life.



The wheel of fortune - Tarot card for november

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