Solar Eclipse , October 15 , 2023


Solar Eclipse


The effect of the solar eclipse on the signs of the zodiac


The solar eclipse of the sign of Libra occurred in front of the sign of Aries, while the North Node is in the sign of Aries. Aries is a sign of our identity, individuality and personality. We have been getting to know the new “me” for months, and this new “me” has new characteristics and new desires that it wants to achieve. But along the way we have come, we have noticed that there are some people around us who do not match this new identity and our desires.
Not only do they not match, but they act like a weight for us that makes us heavy and even consumes energy. With the retrograde movement of Venus, we realized our inner values and realized who are in line with these values and who are preventing us from shining and even destroying our self-confidence and self-esteem. Although, we still may not have made a final decision because some people showed it, or we thought that compatibility was happening or that efforts were being made to adapt in the relationship.
Solar eclipse (2023) at Mesa Verde National Park: How to watch, camp


But in the first week of October, we found out where and with whom this compatibility and companionship will not happen, and now with this solar eclipse and on the way to the next lunar eclipse, our evaluations will be determined and we will make decisions that align ourselves more in line with our new identity and new goals. put Although we may delay a little for now, we will be on this path by the first week of November. Obstacles may be people themselves or may be our behavioral and thinking patterns in relation to others. With the confrontation of Saturn and Venus, we have become serious about the behavior of others towards ourselves, and we can make decisions more easily and maturely than before.

Solar Eclipse And Astrology

As long as we put aside our fears. After the solar eclipse, the moon moves towards ninety degrees with Pluto, and it is in this ninety degrees until around noon in Tehran, and more tension may develop in relationships. Libras, Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius, Capricorns, Cancers, and Leos receive the greatest impact on their relationship with others. Libras and Aries are resetting on any relationship. The twins are resetting their romantic relationships and relationship with their children. The archer notices the incompatibility of frequency on team relations and friendships and companions, both online and offline. Capricorn affects work, job, responsibility, guarantee and position. Cancer is resetting family and home relationships and relationship with the place of residence and Leo is being reset in relation to the environment and neighborhood.

Many of us see priority in ourselves under the influence of this solar eclipse. This solar eclipse, with the presence of the South Node in Libra, will take many of us out of the position of compromise, and we will have a significant change in behavior and commitment. For Aries, a reminder of the lost ego and identity is taking place, and the focus shifts from others to yourself. Many of you are frustrated by relying on others to find your inner center again. You have forgotten your goals and neglected yourself. Have you noticed that your personality structure is falling apart and waiting for others to come? It’s time to find yourself again and remove from your life the people who prevent you from being purposeful and not only don’t help but are also obstacles and get up.


How does a solar eclipse affect?


After eighteen years, the North Node is forming your inner leaven. Instead of fighting and fighting, sit down and examine the different dimensions of life in relation to your own role. Are the place where you are and the people around you compatible with your identity? If not, then you need to make changes. Taurus may create busyness and traffic of daily work that causes physical and mental fatigue because it shows that the new lifestyle should be healthy compared to the past and the barriers to mental and physical health should be removed. For Gemini, there is a change in the path of heart, emotional desire and inner enthusiasm.

They free themselves from the bonds that prevent the happiness of the inner child and maybe even get pregnant. Maybe the new love and the end of the past relationship even happen with an emotional divorce rather than a formal divorce. Relationships with children are reset. Cancer will change the location of the house or change the behavior and thinking patterns in relation to family members and also emotional issues. A new definition of mother-child relationship may be created for crabs.

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