Solar eclipse , Daily Horoscope and Libra

Solar eclipse , Daily Horoscope


What’ s happening in Solar eclipse & our Daily Horoscope? You have to let the chips fall where they may. We have to know that fighting against the eclipse is like losing battle and I know you’re already tired. Are you confused? are you exhausted? do you feel frozen in place? is the grisly reaper mowing? are you trusting the process? can you feel the growing pains?

Allow the story to be told, don’t skip to the end, don’t skim the chapters, don’t look for the cliff notes version. We have to let things play out & wait to respond because how you feel today may drastically change tomorrow. and we know Libra placements like to change their minds.


Solar eclipse Daily Horoscope

Astrology signs in Solar eclipse : Daily Horoscope


Libra rising: self-realizations, personal image, physical appearance, personal identity (or lack of), ego

Scorpio rising: mental health, intuition, subconscious mind, ancestral wisdom, unsuspected enemies, solitude, silence

Sagittarius rising: friends, community, networking, collaborations, inventions & innovative thinking, experimentation

Capricorn rising: reputation & recognition, career, paternal figures, boundaries, authority figures

Aqua rising: higher education, spirituality, wisdom, long travels, expansion, finding purpose

Pisces rising: taxes & debts, investments, boundaries & possessions of others, intimacy, sexuality

Aries rising: business partnerships, commitments, romantic partners, enemies, close relationships

Taurus rising: health & wellness, daily routines, habits & behaviors, diet

Gemini rising: creativity & artistic pursuits, romance, children, personal joys, sex, inner child, fun

Cancer rising: home, family & childhood, security, maternal figures, personal foundation, generational patterns & traumas

Leo rising: communication patterns, writing, short travels, new perspectives, siblings, neighbors, aunts & uncles

Virgo rising: personal possessions, values & morals, self-esteem, finances, budget (or lack of), spending habits


astrology and solar eclipse


Wear shades of pink, green, & black. Have headache remedies on deck Stand for SOMETHING, my guy — or you’ll fall for anything. So Clean out your closet, refrigerator, cabinets, & other “shielded” spaces. Work with skullcap, lavender, peppermint, geranium, vanilla, & pear. Tend to the themes of your cardinal houses.


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We know her, we love her, she is truly a classic. She’s just a solid choice in these confusing times for relief & relaxation. Also a reminder to actually do something about what comes from the chaos once the dust settles.

Right now there’s a lot going on, just hold onto what feels right whether that be smoky quartz, your sanity (or what you have left of it), your art, your lover.


Happy eclipse season.

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