Horoscope for Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Sun in Virgo in opposition to Neptune in Pisces. This interaction in the earthly world is accompanied by confusion and confusion in the material dimension. Because our soul is exposed to the waves of our subconscious mind. In fact, the ship of our soul is in turmoil with the god of the seas in the tug of the waves beyond our inner time and space, and in fact we encounter signs that reflect and reflect our own spiritual experiences beyond time and space in the real three-dimensional world. And in fact, it is our earthly life. So pay attention to the signs to feel them. Because the power of our emotional understanding increases a lot and because our emotional understanding is strengthened, of course we become more sensitive and fragile. It is a very good time for good and philanthropic works and meditation and art, including music, photography, film, dance, or any inner inspiration. It is the right time to crystallize spirituality in the material world, such as doing yoga or working with Reiki energy. It is time to address the high frequency of love for the collective and others. Regardless of nationalities, ethnicities, religions. In the position of unity beyond borders, races and species, let us love and be kind and compassionate to all the living creatures of land and sea. It’s a good time for some solitude, especially since the last square of Venus and Jupiter ended after three months. An interaction that may have created a broad insight with ups and downs between us and others about financial and emotional promises and promises to each other.

If the basis of relationships with others was money and material things, these ups and downs and differences of opinion have become more prominent, and probably Jupiter, the planet of truth and knowledge, has shown you who are honest in respect and who lie. Colors and glazes have only been looking for possessions or material things from you, and Jupiter with the last square may have removed these rose-colored glasses from our eyes and brought us face to face with the facts to see a broader perspective of the future. This three-month interaction made us see pink in some parts of our lives, and then suddenly our bubble of illusion is broken and the pink glasses are removed and we see the result of trust. Probably, in many of these cases, there was a woman involved who tried to attract us with charm to use the situation to her advantage, and of course, after the end of this interaction in these three months, the main nature of many friendships became clear. Although Tarsus and Libra, which are ruled by Venus, both men and women, may be involved in this game of seduction more than others.

Virgo astrology sign

Whether they are seduced or seduced. Many legal cases have kept us in limbo for the past three months. At first everything seemed sweet and positive, and then suddenly the page turned and our pink bubbles were empty. If you are in such a situation, notice that March is galloping towards ninety south in the sign of Libra and they will be aligned in the first week of October, and at that time it is better not to get involved in lawsuits and complaints because the energy of March will not be concentrated in Libra, even though March In the first week of October, there will be a strong tendency to be belligerent, to fight, to start a war, to start a fire, and to protest, but it will not strike with a sword, but it may riot because our ego will be the center of our claims. Mercury is direct and we are still in the process of receiving information about the results that were delayed in the past weeks and we are waiting for their news to be confirmed and their information to be completed. By the first week of October, the definitive news of many of them will be known.

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