Daily Horoscope for Monday, September 25, 2023

Here we have daily horoscope for today. Mercury in its house of Virgo will appear with Jupiter in Tarsus trine. They will have a very good conversation that can make great plans for the future under the influence of this transit. This interaction is complementary to the unfinished programs of August and early September. If you submitted documents in August, but the answer and result have not been determined, you can expect a phone call, email and final news. This interaction is very helpful and solution-solving. Pleasant and positive communication with wise and knowledgeable people, scientists or academics, officials, experts, politicians, judges and law-makers can create new opportunities and open different doors. Optimistic thoughts and pleasant communication, fruitful conversations are found little by little. We really need this opening of mind and thinking. Especially after the retrograde Mercury, this interaction can be the first necessary clarifications in the work related to Mercury.

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It is possible to complete the steps related to education. Especially in fields related to language, law, tourism, philosophy, religion, and of course speaking skills. Issues such as travel, transactions, completing documents, interviews, getting useful communications for the future, finding solutions, receiving news, useful meetings, signing contracts, and the overall feeling of satisfaction, happiness and hope with this interaction are at the top of the lists. It is a very good time to make connections and have social activities. To be in this energy, you can connect with charity centers. Or be a donor to needy people with Jupiter’s generosity and generosity. If you had communication misunderstandings in August and early September, now is a good time to clarify the misunderstandings. Planning a trip can be a prelude to relationship surprises during the full moon of Aries. This full moon happens on September 29th. A full moon that will be an adrenaline rush. Keep in mind that we will have a New Moon solar eclipse this episode, so the Libra house in your chart will be very active. You can calculate your birth chart here.

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