Free Daily Horoscope for October 2023 including Love and job

Daily Horoscopes Today, October 4 2023

Read today’s free daily horoscope By taurusboss to see what’s in store for you including predictions on love, romance, health, happiness, career, success .We are still under the influence of Mercury and Pluto trine energy. On the other hand, the energy of the connection between Mars and the South Node has also started. However, the energy of Mars becomes decentralized and scattered. The possibility of cuts, fractures, burns, fires, and angry protesting behaviors increases. In fact, Mars is confronting waves beyond time and space in our spiritual memory. Because many hidden energies come out to face them. Because this energy is in Libra, we may face injustice.

Daily Horoscope For October 2023

But Mars doesn’t have enough power to win any kind of war right now, and its aim isn’t focused. Therefore, it is better not to start a lawsuit and legal conflicts. If a legal case arises, deal with it without anger. Mars is in this position to break the invisible bonds between our ego and the instincts that serve our soul, but these bonds and these pieces of the ego are invisible. It is better not to make important decisions out of anger. The conjunction of Mars and the South Node may make us face energies beyond time and space for a while, so that we don’t understand where these events originate from. But it is a reflection of energies that have been stored in our spiritual memory and we must face them with will power and self control.



Libra Energy For Daily Horoscope in October 2023


The energy of the house of Libra is very strong in our chart. If Libra is your 9th house, you may have problems with education, migration and travel. It can be in the 10th house in your birth chart, maybe career, guardianship, and management issues have been or will be highlighted for you. If Libra is in the fourth house of your birth chart, home and family issues and maternal relationship will be active. You can read the basic information of the horoscope here.

According to your rising and solar sign, how are you experiencing the activation of Libra in your birth chart? Pay attention that any part of Libra’s birth chart is related to judicial and legal issues. With the activation of the Libra layer of the chart, each of us may take some kind of action and move to avoid a legal problem or solve a series of legal and administrative issues to maintain balance and peace in the Libra part of our chart.


Mars energy for relationships


The conjunction of Mars and South Node in the sign of Libra can affect relationships. Relationships may be opened from the past. Previous instincts and desires may come alive in us. On the other hand, we may face relational imbalances in order to have the opportunity to let go of behaviors that are no longer in line with our growth. Mars is the planet that rules Aries, the ruler of our personality and identity, and it is a part of our identity and personality that should be placed in growth and evolution in relation to others. This planet is currently undergoing an exchange of energy between us and others to discover our shadows and strengths in relation to others.

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