Birth Chart

What is birth chart?

Every person has a birth chart, which is like a person’s unique fingerprint, and in this chart, the state of the sky and stars at the time of the person’s birth is shown. Your birth chart is the birth certificate of your soul, by looking at it, you can see your strengths and weaknesses, possible career paths, income and education, immigration, marriage and children, your thoughts and beliefs, and your karmic cycles.

In western tropical astrology, which this website is based on, your birth month according to the Iranian calendar is your sun sign. For example, if you were born between March 21- April 19, your sun sign is Aries, and if you were born between October 23- November 21, your sun sign is Scorpio.

what is birthday chart

The rising or ascendant sign is a sign of the zodiac that was rising from the east of the sky at the time of your birth. The sign is very important because Your rising is the starting point of one house in your birth chart, and your birth house has twelve houses, the cycle of which starts from the rising line, and changes in the current situation always have a great impact on the rising sign. The rising sign defines your traits and mask in society and in relation to others. People always see the rising sign in you first and their first impression of you is based on the rising sign. For example, a person who has a cluster and Pisces rising seems very shy and quiet at first, but when we get to know them better, the characteristics of the sun sign become more apparent.

The sign which the moon is located on it, shows your feelings, fears and worries. The moon manages your emotional mood exactly when you are under stress or excitement, the sign in which your moon is located shows itself, for example those who have the moon in Taurus need stable and stable conditions and those who have the moon in Sagittarius They get bored of monotonous life

The position of the planets and their position at the time of birth, i.e. at the hour, day and minute of your birth, based on the longitude and latitude of your place of birth, form your birth chart. The current position of the planets in the sky is called the transit chart. For example, Pluto in the birth chart shows the position of Pluto at the time of birth. Pluto transit shows Pluto’s current position in the sky.

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