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Many people ask me how you knew astrology was your life path. The thing is, I didn’t decide to become an astrologer and I never chose astrology among several courses. We all think that our future and the path of our soul is what we choose when choosing a field of study, out of interest or necessity, and that we must continue in the same field forever. But the truth is that we know our potentials, talents and interests at different stages of life, and if we pay attention to them, they can be the light of our path. I did not choose astrology and I am a literature graduate.
I remember the first time I saw the quartz stone during the first session of the “Reiki class” and right there I realized that I could feel the energy of the stone in my hands. Thus, at every step of life, I recognized some of my potentials. After learning Reiki, my interest in all kinds of massage therapy exploded within me and I did not ignore it and learned all kinds of Chinese, Thai, Swedish massages and combined them with Reiki energy.

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In this way, I was later introduced to “acupuncture” and professionally learned the sensitive points of the body according to ancient Chinese sciences, and in this way, I progressed further in the realm of familiarity with the healing dimension of my soul (existential healing) Of course, this journey has a long way to go and I will tell you just a part of it so that you can realize that what comes your way at different stages of life is actually what makes you, you. If you pay attention, you will improve more. For this reason, entering the world of astrology was not an overnight decision, and over the years, step by step, I got to know the dimensions of my soul, my potentials and talents. At all these stages, metaphysics masters and teachers of various religions, yoga teachers and later astrology teachers always came my way, I did not call, and they did not come to me. I did not close my eyes to any of them and did not pass by them carelessly. I did not give up my interests and did not hesitate to evaluate the beliefs and knowledge I inherited and acquired. I did everything to my satisfaction without shame or worry about the judgment of others. Until I spent my days and nights frantically browsing astrology sites and articles without knowing where it started, and by chance I met the best astrology professors in the world and began to meet those whose energy attracted me. professional astrology. Because I had learned that knowing science doesn’t mean someone is my teacher, but our energy vibration has to match. And so, after receiving degrees from public astrology schools, I took private lessons from leading professors and was then led into evolutionary astrology. 

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Remember that this journey is not a quick one and you must gradually find over the years that you are mentally ready to receive the spirit of astrology and that this is not something created in you by reading brochures and books. During this long journey I have learned that there is a lot of information on websites and I have access to it all. But the person from whom I have personally received training or whose speeches and comments I have listened to should not disrupt the vibration of my waves, transmitters and receivers. In the long journey of life and dealing with metaphysics professors from different nationalities, I have learned not to trust anyone and not to believe anyone who repeats sentences like a parrot. I had learned that a real teacher never comes after me to introduce himself or persuade me. In short, I had learned to study pure sources. Of course, I paid a heavy price for gaining these experiences, until I finally realized that the master within me and the guide of our existence was leading me to real worldly guides – unfortunately, not many. Just listen to my inner voice and don’t extinguish the light of my heart. I don’t want to hurt your head, but I want to say that if we don’t close our ears, get trapped in the closed walls of the frames and seek new things, our hearts will scream loudly and our souls will raise our voices. So that we can get to know ourselves better every day. So don’t underestimate yourself. Everyone has enough talents for themselves and that inner talent becomes the source of nourishment for his soul and he can use and enjoy them in his work or daily life. Just find your light and make it brighter every day.

Find your light and make it brighter every day

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