Look deep into sky, and you will
understand everything better

The world is changing. Let's build our new world from the light of awareness, love and peace

Planet astrology

The current position of the planets

Western astrology is not based on the position of the planets in the sky from the point of view of an earthly observer, but on the position of the sun relative to the earth, which creates the seasons and this position is always constant. The angle that the sun makes with respect to the equator and the orbit of the vertex of Cancer and the vertex of Gemini determines the beginning of the zodiac signs

Astrology moon position

Moon's Position

The moon is the fastest celestial body and travels about 13.2 degrees of rotation around the earth every day, and during this path it is placed in different degrees of the zodiac signs and affects the daily energy mode infinitely

Astrology birthday chart

Birthday Chart

Astrology and your birth chart is not destiny, but it gives information about your opportunities, potentials, strengths and weaknesses so that you have the opportunity to strengthen your weaknesses and make decisions at the best times. It is our decisions and choices that make our future

Let's be realistic before reality catches up with us

I can achieve even if I move with small steps. I can deal with Saturn’s challenges. Because I can see my long-term goals and realistically move towards them. Now in the 3D world, I am building a foundation that is solid on the ground and I am not promising myself with fantasies and illusions.

Close your eyes and put your hand on your heart. God, Universe, Divinity At this moment when I call you, I ask you to put me on the path of destiny and mission of my soul and to inform me of confusion and going astray. God, give my ears the power to hear so that I can hear you and your message and receive what I need. What is in the direction of your will and the purpose of my coming to earth.

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